Community's Donald Glover is a rapper/songwriter. Sounds lame, right? You're wrong. This is one of the most refreshing things I've heard since Kid Cudi.

If he gets anywhere as big as Drake I will be so very happy. Drake is overrated. And as much as Childish Gambino is the Cudi brand of “nerdcore” rap (which is so great, even though Gambino insists he’s not ), it deserves to be much more popular than Drake’s cheap flow.

I mean, who doesn’t love a rapper who name drops ee cummings as part of a double entendre?  Or a guy who raps ”Don’t add an ‘eezy’ to my name cause it has never been that.” Refreshing.

Here’s a good nutshell to the type of rap this is in his words:  ”I am not a thug aka what they pretend to be. I am just myself aka my worst enemy.”

His EP ”Freaks and Geeks” is online for free and EVERY track is great. 

"Be Alone" was my favorite track from the EP at the first listen, but I really can’t decide. Glover’s singing voice is as good as his flow throughout the EP. It features an array of types of tracks which keeps it fresh and exciting. There’s enough of a balance of melodic indie pop songs with rap that makes this a gem in the rough.  And by rough I mean the production: it’s good but sounds a tad bit unfinished (not too much, though). I think he needs to hook up with Kanye West.

just download this. This guy’s got talent.



Childish Gambino is at it again covering one of my favorite songs of 2010, Kanye West’s “All of the Lights.” Glover’s rendition is masterful. Great hip-hop meets an indie-pop reinvention of the great single.The track samples indie-pop favorites Beach House’s track “Zebra.” He’s quickly becoming my favorite artist this year.

"They tellin’ me I’m the rapper for these white kids,

cause black kids couldn’t possibly like the same shit”



Beldina Malaika is on Childish Gambino’s “Not Going Back” from his EP.  This is her own effort and I’m really enjoying it. “Here We Go” sounds like a 90s dance hit mixed with Justice. I love it. I think we’ll see a lot more from her shortly. 

here’s her feature on “Not Going Back”

"I just wanna be with you"

Summer 2011 Playlist: Absit Omen & Amor Fati

My last 2011 summer playlist is done. And it’s in two parts! 

 First part is “Absit Omen” and the second is called “Amor Fati.”

 I know the titles of the mixes may seem odd - never fear, they’ll make sense. They’re both latin phrases, one is the name of a song from the mix the other isn’t.


So, the first mix is Absit Omen - not the title of a song - the phrase means “may the (evil) omen be absent” or “may no harm result.” [Truth is, since “Amor Fati” is a song and the title of the mix, I figured another latin phrase should grace the title of the first mix,]

 Absit Omen is about anxiety. We worry about everything, even things that may not be entirely logical (or at least I do). Just like our cautious hero in the opening track , “Birds” by The Weeknd. Our lives are complicated - we all have our “Trojans” in our heads like Atlas Genius puts it. As a country we’re as addicted to stress as we are caffeine. 

 But sometimes you have to follow pop music’s advice and have fun. “Take out my freak” like Britney puts it, or “marry the night” like Lady G said. Tell that omen to get out.

  1. The Birds (Pt. 1) The Weeknd
  2. Break (All of the Lights) Childish Gambino
  3. Trojans Atlas Genius
  4. Been Better Kyla La Grange
  5. Still Life The Horrors
  6. Shelter (The XX cover) Birdy
  7. Save The World (ft. John Martin) (Original Mix)  Swedish House Mafia
  8. Set Fire To The Rain (Impression Remix) Adele
  9. Bounce (Radio Edit) Calvin Harris Feat. Kelis
  10. Levels (ID) (DJ Costa Edit) Avicii
  11. I Wanna Go Britney Spears
  12. Love You Like a Love Song Selena Gomez & The Scene
  13. Addiction Medina
  14. Marry The Night Lady GaGa



"Amor Fati" is taken from a song of the same name by Washed Out. The term means "love of one’s fate". It is used to describe an attitude in which you see everything that happens in your life, even suffering, as good. It is characterized by an acceptance of the events or situations that occur in your life. 

 So Amor Fati (the song and the mix) is about coming to terms with our anxieties and making the choice to enjoy life when you can get away from daily pressures. Isn’t that what summer’s about anyway?

 Yes, it’s a bit sugary. Or very. But who cares? It’s summer, have fun!

 I’ve made it so both mixes can work as a whole. It actually doesn’t sound bad at all when you play it through starting with Birds and ending with Jamie xx’s 8-minute, steel drum summer opus, “Far Nearer.”

  1. Wildfire SBTRKT
  2. No Diggity Chet Faker
  3. Future Me Le Corps Mince De Francoise
  4. This Moment French Horn Rebellion
  5. Forrest Gump Digitalism ft Julian Casablancas
  6. The Suburbs (Arcade Fire Cover) Mr. Little Jeans
  7. Culture War Arcade Fire
  8. Calgary Bon Iver
  9. Work 1,2,3
  10. East Harlem Beirut
  11. Not Fade Away (Buddy Holly Cover)  Florence + The Machine
  12. Now You’re Mine Shadows on Stars
  13. Repatriated Handsome Furs
  14. Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall  Coldplay
  15. Shuffle Bombay Bicycle Club
  16. Amor Fati Washed Out
  17. Far Nearer Jamie xx



A webcam, living room recording of “Got This Money” from Gambino’s first album, Culdesac. Shows how raw Glover’s talent really is. This vid is probably old as shit, but I had to post it. 

A great shift from the heavy electronica of the album version. Haven’t heard it? Psh, download it here: “Got This Money

And get Culdesac for free here:

Really worth it.

Childish Gambino’s new album, Camp is due out next month!

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